Sacred Heart Catholic College

Year 11 Revision

Getting organised – making a plan, then revising efficiently!



Making a plan

  • Block off any time where revision is not possible. (e.g. travel, work, clubs, other commitments, intervention can be included as revision.)
  • Share your plan with someone at home – you’re more likely to stick to it.
  • Focus on what you don’t know. Leave enough room on your plan to include extra if needed.

Make The Most Of Your Revision

  • Be realistic.
  • Be determined, both with revision and breaks.
  • Use your time effectively – no 3 hour blocks without breaks!
  • Be kind to yourself during breaks, but don’t get distracted for too long.
  • Be flexible.
  • Use a multi angled approach – read, make mind maps, stick post-it notes around the house on cupboards etc., make revision cards, test your friends, discuss what you’ve learned, teach your friends and family, practice exam papers, watch revision videos on YouTube, and ask teachers for help if you’re really not sure on something.
  • Use a quiet space – no music, TV, phone or siblings (use school or a local library if it helps).

Extra Revision Sessions After School

  • Tuesday English and Chemistry
  • Wednesday Maths
  • Thursday History, Geography and Languages
  • Friday English

Upcoming Events

  • “Maximizing Achievement Days” which will be held during the half term on the 16th and 17th of February which will cover revision in a number of subjects as well as revision techniques.
  • Saturday the 28th January and Saturday March 4th we will be holding Intervention Days in Maths.
  • During the first week of the Easter holidays we will be holding an “Easter School” and this will follow on from the days in the February half term in supporting work in a number of subjects. The dates for this will be announced in the New Year.
  • Starting in January school will be open early on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday for Year 11 to attend Booster Sessions in our school hall from 8:30 to 9:00 on each of those days. These sessions will focus on revision

See our Trust website for further help with Year 11 revision

Revision Subject Breakdown

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Useful Websites


BBC Bitesize Maths
Oak Academy Maths Foundation tier
Oak Academy Maths Higher tier
Corbett Maths

  • Videos to watch on topics covered in class
  • Topic based worksheets to complete
  • Past papers

Maths genie

  • Videos to watch on topics covered in class
  • Topic and grade based worksheets to complete
  • Past papers

  • Online exam practice marks automatically
  • Topic based practise marked automatically


Oak Academy English
Mr Buff’s playlist on YouTube
Revision guides from 


Oak Academy Science
Oak Academy Physics
Oak Academy Chemistry
Oak Academy Biology
BBC Bitesize Science


Oak Academy History
BBC Bitesize History


Oak Academy Geography
BBC Bitesize Geography


Oak Academy Drama
BBC Bitesize Drama



BBC Bitesize revision resources: 



BBC bitesize


Oak Academy
Craig and Dave tutorials  
Isaac Computer Science
Seneca Learning