Sacred Heart Catholic College

Extra Curricular

We know that our pupils highly value the extra curricular offering at Sacred Heart Catholic Academy and the variety of opportunity this provides for them to get involved in activities like singing, chess, sports, and so much more - honing academic skills and building character in sessions run at lunchtime or after school. We also make sure that pupils have the opportunity to attend extra sessions to review homework or prepare for exams where they would find this helpful. Through these activities, we cultivate a nurturing environment of love, foster a culture of respect, encourage a spirit of service, and inspire ambition in every student.

We welcome feedback from our pupils and families with suggestions for extra curricular activities that you would love to see next term - please get in touch via Our timetables below show details about the sessions running over the term:

Extra Curricular Timetable Autumn 2023 

extra curricular clubs ht6.pdf